About NAPABA Law Foundation

Years ago, visionary members of NAPABA wanted to promote the educational and charitable activities of local Asian Pacific American bar groups and individual Asian Pacific American attorneys across the nation. In 1994, they organized the NAPABA Law Foundation, a non-profit, charitable and educational organization tax exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3). The Foundation’s mission is to educate and to serve Asian Pacific Americans and their communities. More than 20 years later, the NAPABA Law Foundation has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships to law students, supported recent law graduates interested in pursuing public interest work within the Asian Pacific American community, and promoted the interests of Asian Pacific Americans everywhere.

The NAPABA Law Foundation operates as an affiliate of NAPABA. Both the NAPABA president and president-elect serve as members of the Foundation’s board, which includes sixteen other members. Of these, five serve as president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and assistant treasurer. Over the past twenty years, seven presidents have led the Foundation: Linda Mar Weidman, Vivian Hsu, Parkin Lee, Nancy P. Lee, Sylvia Fung Chin, Mike Chu, Sang-Yul Lee, Amy Lin Meyerson, and now Leslie R. Jin.